Are you looking to buy a hotel in Spain?

Best Hotels Spain provides confidential service in finding the best business opportunity and leading the deal to successful purchase. Our properties are unlisted. By working with us you agree to the simple terms and conditions.

Why Spain?

Spain has one of the softest climates in Europe for hotel business, welcoming a growing number of tourists annually. It beats other Southern destinations with safety, comfort and variety of tourism activities. In 2016, Spain was the 3rd most visited country of the world, according to Reuters. In 2016, almost 6 million visitors from UK has come to Spain for vacation, followed by 3,7 million from Germany and France and 2 million from Scandinavian countries.

Costs and expenses

The costs are very different from region to region and are based on multiple factors. We have all budget type properties from family-run guesthouses to 4-5 star hotels. Our listings are non-public, which means that we arrange viewings exclusively for our customers. We can arrange online viewings and presentations.

Starting your hotel business

In case if you are new to the business, you would find helpful these guides and articles about running a hotel in Spain.