Independent hotels give plenty of creative possibilities and are extremely popular within travelers. How to start a boutique hotel and get into the top 5 on Tripadvisor? Check our guide.

Why choosing a boutique hotel over chain hotels?

First of all, every single cent you spend on a boutique hotel will be converted to a lifetime memory for your guests. While chain hotels are expensive, look similar and show lack of personal service, an independent hotel is by all means rewarding.

A sucessful boutique hotel requires a clear strategy and a sufficient investment. You need to know why you differ from others and stick to that.

Pick the Location

One of the most important ideas an independent hotel owner should keep in mind is the location. The infographics will show you the difference between the location approach of a 5-star hotel and a boutique hotel.

You will discover that a lot of things are not important, however you need to have a smart place that works on you. That means you need to know the area, be familiar with the neighborhoods, the history and people living there. That can be a starting point to your story.

Example: Ca Maria Adele Hotel in Venice built up an inspirational design in a old Venetian palazzo giving their guests a possibility of an incredibly romantic stay.

Ca Maria Adele (Italy), photo tripavisor

Devote Yourself to the Idea

Everything from the room design to facilities should meet one concept. Describe it in 5 worlds and let it follow your hotel in every corner. For instance, building a metropolitan loft hotel for young and middle-aged couples will involve Scandinavian design, nice environmental details as vintage bicycles as a wall decor, shared coffee in the lobby and trays to recycle the coffee capsules, free magazines in the lounge and hi-speed fiber WiFi as a must.

Example: Gorki Apartments in Mitte Berlin give a full building of nicely designed rooms that combine German design and flea market treasures to provide an impressive modern and bright feeling of staying in Berlin.

Gorki Apartments (Germany), photo vossy

Avoid Mass-markets and Support the Local

Choosing the dining glasses and plates is also important. If you prefer spending an extra euro on handcrafted cups instead of buying Ikea, it will contribute to the general impression and make your guests feel unique. Selling or serving local food for breakfast as an option to the standard Continental or English breakfasts will also help recognizing your boutique hotel out of many others.

Example: Brody House in Budapest is located in a 19th century townhouse in a district popular within artists. Its eccentric room design featuring works by Austrian and Hungarian artists as if invites you to join a secret club. There are closed events and parties for members though, building up a strategy for one of the most exciting boutique hotels in Europe.

Brody House (Hungary), photo hotelscombined

Pair with a Restaurant

Exclusive food is as much important for a boutique hotel as the accomodation. You can either run a restaurant on your own or rent the space to a company that creates an affiliate. Make sure your ideas match and the visitors don‘t bother the guests with noise on late evenings. The same space may transform in the breakfast area during the mornings.

Example: Emiliano Hotel in São Paolo, Brazil, is a luxury boutique hotel with spacious exclusive rooms and a high-ranked restaurant. Its minimalist design is winning by observing an amazing tropical garden through the panoramic windows, and the food selection is also widely acknowledged.

Emiliano restaurant (Brazil), photo tripadvisor

Know your Guest

The difference between a boutique hotel and a chain hotel is not only in exclusive design. The most important is the approach you handle your guests. Know them by names but don’t treat them too familiar. Whenever the owner is showing up to say thank you for choosing their accommodation, the rating of the hotel grows.

Icehotel (Sweden), photo booking

Example: Icehotel in the North of Sweden offers to choose rooms from hot and cold, offering guests to stay overnight in an ice house. The availability of these rooms is limited as they are open to public during daytime, and the staff is taking care of the guests between 6 pm and 7:30 am while they can enjoy their extraordinary experience of sleeping in an igloo with furniture made of ice. Staff guidance is required to make sure that guests are instructed.

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